Daily chores…

…a woman washing clothes….

woman washing linen - water colour sketch…a mobile newspaper hawker taking care so the daily newspaper reaches its destination…

newspaper vendor water colour sketch…or even idling away time just sitting on the front porch of a house…

urban sketch line and washSketching tools: Rotring Isograph Drawing Ink (Schwarz Black) in Pilot V5 Hi-Tecpoint Roller Ball (Cartridge System) Pen and Camlin Water Colour paints.


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Elements in my toolbox

art materials water color sketch

These simple tools are not lifeless. They erase my worries and anxieties for the time being, help me to face the next trial with calmness and fortitude. They are my faithful companions.

art supplies water colour sketch

1. Camel Artists’ Water Colour Cakes

2. A couple of Camlin round brushes

3. A small Camlin eraser or a Pink Pearl eraser

art supplies water colour sketch

4. Pilot V5 Hi-Tecpoint roller ball pen with Rotring Isograph black ink in it

water colour text of a staedtler mechanical pencil

5. Staedtler Mars Micro 0.9 mm mechanical pencil with B grade lead. I use this pencil throughout the day for scribbling or sketching. I wish I could use it even in my sleep.


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