Where have all the buses gone?

line and wash sketch of crowded city buses

Sketch of a blue and yellow privately-owned bus that ply on the roads of Calcutta (Kolkata). During the office hours, passengers may barely get a foothold and some of them just cling to the vehicle somehow to arrive at their destinations.

Drawn with Pentel Energel 0.5 mm black gel pen and Camel Artists Water Colours…



Another crowded bus stop scene. The translator, a slow mover, is behind everyone else. He fails to secure a foothold and misses the bus!

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Clock Tower of Maniktala

pen and pencil sketch
Clock Tower of Maniktala

One of oldest markets of Kolkata, Maniktala Bazar, is easily identified by its clock tower. No one, however, is sure about when the tower was built. It will remain an important childhood landmark for me. My impression of the clock tower in pen and pencil and in water colour….

line and wash sketch of clock tower

Another view….

line and wash sketch of clock towerInside the Maniktala market…vendors selling vegetables…

water colour sketch of daily market


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