More Line and Wash Sketches

A motherly ride…..?

line and wash sketch of a woman riding a cycle

…and a day labourer….

line and wash sketch of a day labourer

A day labourer is employed for one day at a time. Such daily wage earners are the worst hit during the lockdown. These people, who live a hand-to-mouth existence, are struggling to make ends meet now.

Sketching tools: Rorito Flymax black gel pen and Camlin water colour.

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Working from home

Working from home or playing at home? In India, work-from-home or working away from the office was seen as an excuse for not working. But the COVID-19 pandemic compelled people to change that perception to an extent that now the companies are willing to experiment with the idea for a few more months even when the epidemic is over.

line and wash sketch of people working from home

More work from home….

line and wash sketch of two people working with a computer

and work away from home….

line and wash sketch of a village girl using a handpump

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Look down…

or lockdown? Mid-day nap during the lockdown while the friend has kept his eyes on the news. By the Red Road, Calcutta on Wednesday….from a photograph published in a newspaper….

line and wash urban sketch

Sketching tools: Black Gel Pen and Camlin Water Colour Paints

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