Scenes from a Hindu marriage….

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Rich or relatively well-off Indians who live in the north of the country arrange for Shehnai players to play during the marriage ceremonies. Usually a dais is built near the entrance of the house for the shehnai players.

line and wash sketch of shehnai players

Below is a sketch of a ritual that the Bengalis usually perform during their marriages. It is known in Bengali as সাত পাকে বাঁধা…The bride enters the pavillion where the actual marriage will take place. The groom is already there along with the priests. The bride seats on a wooden stool called a pidi. Her brothers and close male relatives then hold the pidi and lift the bride to carry her around the groom seven times in a row. The groom remains in front of the wedding pyre.

All along, the bride covers her eyes with a pair of betel leaves. Only after she is carried around the groom seven times  will she take the betel leaves off her eyes.

line and wash sketch of marriage

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