No Tap Water

So you sit by the roadside and wash your face with a mug of water…

watercolor urban sketch

A schoolgirl quenches her thirst from a roadside water pipe while her brother waits for his turn…

line and wash sketch of girl drinking water…and more of ‘No Tap Water’…

watercolor sketch of man drinking water

Sketching tools: Pencil, black gel pen and water colour

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Syambazar Five-Point Crossing

Information from Wikipedia:

Shyambazar is a neighbourhood of north Kolkata (erstwhile Calcutta) in the Indian state of West Bengal.

line and wash sketch of syambazar five point crossing

There was a big market in the area, which John Holwell called Charles Bazar. The present designation was conferred upon it by Sobharam Basak in honour of Shyam Rai (or Radha Gobinda / Krishna) the worshipped deity. The Basaks and the Setts were amongst the first to have settled in Sutanuti, after having cleared the jungles. Sobharam Basak was one of the wealthiest native inhabitants of 18th century Calcutta.

line and wash urban sketch

The statue of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose located at Syambazar five-point crossing was sculpted by Nagesh Yoglekar and was unveiled by the Calcutta Municipal Corporation in 1969. It is an equestrian statue that depicts Bose as seated on a horse with one leg up. Bose is seen wearing his military uniform.

Syambazar market is very crowded and it is the focal point of shopping in north Calcutta. Syambazar vies with the New Market and the Gariahat market as the most visited markets in Kolkata.

Inside the Syambazar market, near a shop that sells pickles and snacks…

urban sketching line and wash…and a shop that sells garments….

urban sketching line and wash


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Old cars – esquisse des vieilles voitures

An old car lumbers along a village path…

line and wash sketch of a car

More old cars? Here is a dilapidated, rusty Morris Minor abandoned in the backyard…

line and wash sketch of an old car

Another vintage automobile, a Volkswagen Beetle waiting to be driven into the sunset…

water colour sketch of an old car

An old car stationed in front of an abandoned building…

line and wash sketch of old car

An old black and yellow fiat taxi waiting outside a park…

line and wash sketch of a fiat taxiWater colour sketch of another vintage car, a 1948 Austin A40 Dorset…

watercolor sketch of old car

Now a sketch of the 1966 Austin Mini Cooper…

line and wash sketch of an old car

Et enfin une petite voiture……La Citroën 2 CV — familièrement appelée Deuche, Deudeuche ou encore Deux pattes en référence à son moteur bicylindre — est une voiture populaire française produite par Citroën…

watercolor sketch of an old carThen again, a line and wash sketch of an old American Muscle car…

american muscle car water colour drawing

Drawing tools: Black gel pen, water colour and drawing paper

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A House in the Hills

A house in the suburbs of Kurseong…

line and wash sketch of a suburban houseMarked not by rural purity but an ideal combination of the artificial and the natural has its own suburban charm.

Kurseong hills from a distance. A beautiful panorama…

line and wash water colour sketch of the kurseong hills

Drawing tools: Black gel pen, water colour, drawing paper

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More Line and Wash Sketches

A motherly ride…..?

line and wash sketch of a woman riding a cycle

…and a day labourer….

line and wash sketch of a day labourer

A day labourer is employed for one day at a time. Such daily wage earners are the worst hit during the lockdown. These people, who live a hand-to-mouth existence, are struggling to make ends meet now.

Sketching tools: Rorito Flymax black gel pen and Camlin water colour.

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