Review: Hauser Super Dark Mechanical Pencil

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Flair Writing Industries Limited, an ISO: 9001 company, offers ‘HAUSER’ (Germany) writing products since 2014. Mechanical pencil is my everyday writing instrument, and I have been using Hauser Super Dark 0.7 mm clutch pencils for scribbling notes or preparing first drafts. I use inexpensive paper and propelling pencils are the only writing instrument that allows me to write on both sides of any low-quality paper.

I bought a packet of ten Hauser Super Dark pencils from Offimart for Rs. 143.00. The printed price of a single pencil is Rs. 15.00. The pencil comes in a thin plastic wrapper which also contains a lead tube. The tube has 10 Hauser Super Strong 2B leads of 0.7mm dimension. The lead tubes are priced at Rs. 5.00 but you will get one free lead tube in the plastic wrapper. Instructions for using the pencil, Content, Quantity, Maximum Retail Price and the Date of Packing are all printed on the wrapper.


I have used a variety of inexpensive mechanical pencils made in India and I consider Hauser Super Dark mechanical pencils to be among one of the best in this category of pencils because:

  1. It has a strong plastic body, a hexagonal barrel with ribbed grip section.  
  2. The pencil is pocket safe with a fully retractable metallic lead sleeve. The lead sleeve is designed to minimise breakage of leads.
  3. The pencil is endowed with a well-made metallic eraser cap. Almost all the other plastic mechanical pencils I have seen at this price range and even beyond have eraser caps made of plastic. Remember, that as you write and the lead gets shorter,  to get the desired length of lead, you need to press down the eraser cap a few times. You may have to do this many times a day if you continuously use the pencil. So, the eraser cap is that part of your pencil that will be the worse for wear due to friction. So a stronger metallic cap may mean greater longevity of your pencil.
  4. Hauser Super Dark mechanical pencils come in five cool colours. Most Indian Pencils at a comparable price range are targeted at school children and are so made as to appeal to the juvenile minds. Compared to them, the monochromatic Hauser Super Dark pencils are impressively sober in appearance and an adult can carry it in her pocket with no misgivings.

For Rs. 15.00 apiece, this mechanical pencil is a decent writing tool. If you buy a packet of ten pencils, it may well last you a lifetime. It is economical, environment and pocket-friendly and you will only need to buy leads to keep going.

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