Politics in India

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Politics in India remains the same for decades and the situation of the common man hardly changes.

Politics here means endless discussions and debates, rampant corruption and dynastic politics where power remains in the hands of a few who try to perpetuate their hold over it by helping their family members to find a foothold on the haloed podium of Indian politics.

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Politics in India may also mean coercion and muscle power. In the few months before any election, the political parties indulge in a show of strength. The primary manifestation of this show of strength is usually seen in political rallies and processions, some of which end in clashes between rival parties. Without bloodshed and even death, no election is complete.  On the day of the election, this show of power reaches its acme with rampant booth-capturing and false voting. To a neutral observer this entire process may appear like a farce and a travesty of democracy but those who are and will be in power never care.

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In both the Center and the States of India, there are never more than a couple of people who really matter. Political parties are gradually becoming individual fiefdoms, the property of one person or one family. Is this good for a democracy?

This is evident from the hyper-concentration of ministerial portfolios in the hands of the chief ministers of many states. You won’t find many chief ministers who are in charge of less than ten ministerial departments! Such a state-of-affairs completely undermines the democratic potential of important checks-and-balances institutions.

The lives of the commoner, however, remain unchanged. For her it is a hard grind. She wages a daily battle to earn an honest livelihood or to maintain her family.

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Can you blame a van-puller if he feels cheated by the very people who come to him every five years with a bag of promise and ask him to vote for them?


If the people of India still depend on their political masters to improve their lot, the future of this country will be bleak indeed.

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