Khyati Sketching Pen – a review

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It is said that “when once the itch of literature comes over a man, nothing can cure it but the scratching of a pen” [Samuel Lover (1797-1868)]. For me, however, and especially of late, the fountain pen serves as a cure whenever the itch of sketching comes over me. I am a novice artist, a learner, and I have been using all sorts of fountain pens for my scribbles and doodles. So I was rather intrigued when I found a fountain pen dedicated to sketching. Indeed, the words ‘Sketching Pen’ is screen-printed on Khyati Sketching Pen.

Fountain Pen for Sketching

This is a mottled brown ebonite eyedropper pen of medium size. The pen is fat and heavy compared to its length. It has a golden nib that produces a line of medium width and with more or less pressure it is possible to create lines of varying width which is so essential for an artist. The pen is manufactured by Khyati Arts, Rajkot, India, a firm that seems to produce other art materials and accessories. The manufacturer claims that it has a “24 carat gold-plated nib”.

The barrel of the pen has a nice tapered section at the bottom and the ink tank is huge and holds a lot of ink. With its cap posted the pen is quite heavy and should provide for a better grip. The pen also has a nice steel clip and it is possible to carry it in your pocket.

khyati_sketching_pen_2Khyati Sketching Pen at ebay

Khyati Sketching Pen is a nice pen for its price. I bought three pens in a package from at a cost of Rs. 240.00, i.e., Rs. 80.00 per pen. I did a few quick sketches on ordinary writing paper and found the nib a bit too wet. You will have blots and blotches if you attempt to use it on ordinary paper. On proper drawing paper of reasonable thickness, however, it works fine.khyati_sketching_pen_5

Khyati Sketching Pen

I did not find any unique feature in Khyati Sketching Pen that makes it more endowed for the activity of sketching. It is similar to most other ebonite fountain pens available in India. However, the feel and appearance of the pen will pay for its price and this sturdy instrument appears to be a good bargain. Moreover, it will serve the purpose of a sketching tool just fine. Khyati Sketching Pen is recommended for all lovers of fountain pens.
khyati_sketching_pen_6Khyati Sketching Pen

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