How to Recharge West Bengal Transport Corporation Smart Cards online

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  • West Bengal Transport Corporation (WBTC) Smart Cards are a convenient way for commuters to pay fares of buses, trams and ferries. These cards are available from the Point of Sales (POS) counters located in the bus depots and termini in and around the city
  • The Smart Cards can be recharged at a POS by paying cash
  • They can also be recharged online by visiting the online platform This appears to be the more convenient option of recharging Smart Cards, It saves money too as the commuters are getting 10% extra on every recharge

  • No transaction charges need be paid by the commuters for recharging the Smart Cards online. On the contrary, they will get a ten per cent bonus on the recharge amount. For example, a recharge of Rs. 700 will give you an Topup of Rs. 770
  • The recharge denomination will be between Rs. 100 and Rs. 1500 and can be paid using Net Banking/Debit Cards/ Credit Cards. This ensures recharging the Smart Cards by the click of a button
  • According to the WBTC, more than 30,000 commuters are using Smart Cards to travel daily. This saves them from the hassle of paying cash and small changes while buying tickets.


  • After recharging the Smart Cards online, a commuter will have to ask for an Online Recharge Topup. This can be done by using an ETM (Electronic Ticketing Machine). So, in order to Topup, one needs to visit any one of the POS counters. The Topup can also be done by the bus conductors all of whom carry the ETMs.

The WBTC Smart Card is a RfID (Radio-frequency identification) card that can only be used for transport mobility through WBTC buses, ferries and trams.

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