Home remedies for jock itch

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An itchy groin is an embarrassing health problem frequently experienced by people living in warm climates. It is known as jock itch or dhobi itch. It is a fungal infection of the skin mainly in the groin area that causes a reddish itchy rash. The technical name of this ringworm infection is tinea curtis. Jock itch is common in those who sweat a lot. It is more likely to occur in people who are overweight.

Although often uncomfortable and bothersome, jock itch usually isn’t serious. Yet, because of the severe itchiness, it can be quite embarrassing. Possible causes of this skin infection include wearing ill-fitting clothes, especially tight underwear made of synthetic material, excessive sweating and production of moisture and skin abrasions in the groin area due to friction.

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Personal hygiene is very important for people who suffer from jock itch. It is imperative to keep the groin area clean and dry as much as possible. Wear loose-fitting clothes made of cotton. The best natural cure of jock itch involves:

  1. Washing the groin area with warm water and a gentle soap that contains extracts of neem and aloe vera, then drying the area thoroughly;
  2. Applying a light massage of virgin coconut oil in the groin area after every wash.

The anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties of both neem and coconut oil help to control and eliminate infection-causing fungi. Moreover, coconut oil would prevent the build-up of excess moisture in your groin area, thus impeding recurrence of the infection. Those who have suffered from this annoying and sometimes humiliating fungal infection for years have found significant relief by simply following the two rules mentioned above.

However, please bear in mind that this excellent home remedy is not an instant cure and complete elimination of your fungal infection will need some time. So please continue it as a preventive treatment even when you think that the infection is gone!

If you know of any other natural cure for jock itch, please use the comments feature below to let us know.

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