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A few days ago I discovered that Bril fountain pens and fountain pen inks are available from the company’s website at I was delighted because I have heard of Bril ink for as long as I can remember but never had a chance to use it. I have bought and used Sulekha, Camlin and Chelpark inks but never found Bril ink with the stationers in Calcutta. I knew Bril is available in south India and I have been there twice on official visits but never had the time or the opportunity to search for fountain pen inks.

I visited the company’s website to buy a few bottles of ink and then decided in favour of buying a few fountain pens too. Bril produces fountain pen inks of a good variety of colours: Royal Blue, Red, Black, Green, Violet, Blue Black, Laurel Rose and Turquoise Blue. A 60 ml bottle will cost you Rs. 25. Bril produces dye-based inks,  and the company claims their ‘formation prevents clogging and aids quick drying on paper’.

ink and wash sketch of roadside bookstals

Ink Sketch of People at Roadside Bookstalls done with Bril Black Ink and Bril 52A Fountain Pen

Bril also produces very affordable fountain pens and the lowest-priced pen can be bought for as little as Rs. 20. In fact, all their fountain pens are low-priced. These fountain pens are made of plastic with stainless steel nibs. The nibs are smooth and the ones I used (Bril 52A and Bril 72A) write a medium to fine line. All the fountain pens appeared to be eyedroppers with a few clear-demonstrator models where a part or the whole of the barrel is made of transparent plastic. In these pens you can see the amount of ink remaining in the ink tank. These inexpensive, free-flowing eyedropper fountain pens are ideal for school students and it won’t be a cause of worry if they even lose a few in the classrooms because these fountain pens cost as much as a standard ball point pen!

Bril shipped my order and emailed confirming that they have shipped my order giving details of the consignment and the name of the courier agency. Today I received a nice strong cardboard box with all the materials securely packed. It was pleasant to see that Bril took special care in packing the brittle glass ink bottles. I am very satisfied with their service and recommend them. I’ll order from them again when in need of fountain pen inks. Bril ships free to its customers in India if the minimum purchase value is Rs. 500. That’s not a big deal for fountain pen and ink enthusiasts. You can also include other stationery items in your order. This is a splendid offer for those who want to test Bril inks but can not buy Bril products where they live.

pen and wash sketch of a hutI need to declare here that I have no personal interest in promoting Bril products and the company hasn’t requested me to write a blog post about its website or online sales. It is their excellent service and the quality and affordability of their products that inspired me to write this post. So I ask readers of this blog to visit Bril’s website at and judge for themselves.

Bril has been producing fountain pen inks and other stationery items for over 50 years. You’ll also find pencils, crayons, gums, sketch pens, glue sticks, scissors and many other office items in their product list.

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