Translation means different things for different people but a fully user-oriented approach to translation would recognize three elements of translation — translation users’ desire to have a text translated reliably, rapidly and inexpensively.

My main language pairs are English>Bengali and Bengali>English. Bengali is my native tongue. I have a post-graduate degree in English literature and I have near-native ability in the use of the English language. I have also worked with Urdu and French languages as a professional translator. Please see Sample-Bengali-Translaion (PDF) for samples of my translation or send me a test translation (up to 250 words).


My subject of academic study has been English language and literature. But I have translated a variety of materials as a professional translator which include: Machinery and technical matters; Health, medicine and instructions for patients; Educational matters; Housing and other services; Management, economics and finance; Matters related to court cases and asylum-seekers; Insurance; Promotional literature; and so on. I have thus acquired an all-round competence in translating different kinds of material. I am well-equipped with excellent monolingual and bilingual dictionaries and thesauri.

Thoughts on Editing and Proofreading:

“Languages are jealous sovereigns and passports are rarely allowed for travellers to cross their strictly guarded boundaries. “ Rabindranath Tagore

Translation is a complicated form of writing. It is a subjective process which is essentially bilingual and bicultural. Moreover, translation deals with language which is a malleable material. The process of textual transmission is complex where the text goes through a whole gamut of transformations. What the original author wrote is moderated by whoever makes the translation and then by whoever reads it.

In view of the above it is not difficult to understand why translation is called an imperfect art and is perhaps paradigmatic of the human state. Since there is no “ideal” translation, there can never be unanimity on any given translation. Hence, it is essential for the readers to have faith in the translator.

In the context of the above I am usually unwilling to edit/proofread translations done by others. I am not ready either to review my work after someone else has edited/proofread it. I proofread my own work and take care to ensure that I deliver a text that is crisp, clear and free of errors.

If you need to test my translation skills, please send to me a test translation as mentioned above.


Please contact me for a sample file.

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