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Ours is a downcast generation. It appears that soon the entire humanity would curl up. By wedging the buttocks in an armchair facing a screen, the homo sapiens is shrivelled. Back problems are the evil of this century. From osteopathy to treadmills in workplaces, resistance is planned so human bodies may recover from bad postures.

The Macintosh and the smart phone may have revolutionized the modern man but they have also precipitated his fall. After having gradually recovered from all fours in very ancient times the homo sapiens is again found today in the posture of the old humanoids, stalling his buttocks in an armchair and plunging his nose to his screens. Remove the furniture and you will see a man almost on all fours! There we observe an anthropological regression for sure. Suffering from sciatic addiction, here we are bent to our digital destiny, forced to ask for half-a-massage to relieve our back pain. And the pain goes from bad to worse!

It is clear that the dynamic verticality of the human body is today less obvious than it was for the ancients. Rousseau wrote standing and Nietzsche created his aphorisms while walking. It is high time for us to get back into motion.