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In the midst of my work whenever I turn aside, I can feel the presence of the blue sky and the green earth adjacent to my room. It seems as if Nature peeks from every corner — through my doors and windows — perhaps as a rustic girl would to satisfy her curiosity. It envelops my room and my mind, blossoms with all its beauty around my active and leisure hours. When I see the village and the thin lines of water, the two banks of the river, the open fields and the broken roads, I find in them the light from today’s rainless sky resonating from the golden harp of Apollo and creating empyreal poetry.

line and wash village sketch

Sketching (Collins 30-Minute Painting)

I love the light and the sky from the depth of my heart. The sky is my Saqi, it has held its transparent cup of blue crystal near my face — the golden light mixes with my blood like wine and makes me feel sublime. Where the face of my Saqi is pleasant and open, there too this golden wine is the most transparent — there am I the poet — there do I reign like a king — it is there that the direct link between me and the blue and spotless illumination of eternity will remain forever.

Yesterday I went to M_’s place. In the afternoon all of us went out for a stroll. I loved the path between the fields. In that vast expanse of the secluded fields of Bangladesh and in the sunset amidst the trees at the horizon — in everything I found an endless peace and the most tender compassion.

line and wash watercolour painting of a paddy field

From Sketch to Watercolour Painting: Pen, Line and Wash

The earth bent down a bit with affection and met the distant sky in a speechless and pale union. The melancholy of eternal estrangement  that exists in the universe  expresses itself ever so slightly in this withdrawn evening light on the deserted earth. What a silent eloquence in the water, on the land and in the sky! If you look at it with transfixed eyes you are bound to feel that this vast silence over the whole expanse of the field till the horizon could not hold it any longer and suddenly its eternal language broke everything and the whole of the universe from this earth to that firmament reverberated with that melancholy music. The truth is that if we keep still with a fixed mind for some time, the light and the colours of this universe can be translated in our minds into endless harmony. This kaleidoscopic universe that spans over the world with its untiring tremors is to be felt in your mind with your eyes closed. But how many times did I describe the sunrise and the sunset. They are felt anew everyday but how can I express them in a new light every time I see them?