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Is etymology relevant?

Posted on Jul 26 by

It did not take us long to transform civilization. In fifty years, we have almost stopped making war, standardised the possibility of making love without increasing the...


Montaigne’s back room

Posted on Apr 3 by

In these days of solitary confinement, this correspondent remembers a one-time lawyer and courtier in 16th century France who inscribed a few lines in Latin on a pillar of his...


Confinement, isolation and Marcel Proust

Posted on Mar 22 by

To ……….. In these days of government recommended social isolation, we have days, may be months, to meditate on the benefits of inaction. It is nothing new though for the...


Postural reflections

Posted on Oct 30 by

Ours is a downcast generation. It appears that soon the entire humanity would curl up. By wedging the buttocks in an armchair facing a screen, the homo sapiens is shrivelled....